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Breaking Down The NBA Season So Far & What You Need To Know

By TakingVegas Staff Writer
February 16, 2022
CHICAGO, IL - Monday, May 17, 2021 Wilson official game ball of the NBA photoshoot at St. Ignacious school in Chicago, IL NOTE TO USER: Mandatory Copyright Notice: Photo by Jon Lopez / IG: @jonlopez13 / Basketball Hall of Fame

NFL Season is over and now we are on to basketball! If you are a bettor who treats this like a business than you need to hear what I have to say. When it comes to doing this the right way take it from me. I analyze the sport of basketball non-stop I know what teams are going to push the pace in order to make the playoffs and what teams are looking to tank.

We are in the halfway point of the NBA season. Some teams will really show what it takes to push forward and others will just collapse. For example very early on in the season 9 times out of 10 the Orlando Magic would go over the total no matter who they faced. This is because you have a very young team with added young role players who show promise like Mo Wagner for example.

They are a young team who push the pace are always moving 100 mile per hour
especially in the beginning of the season they have something to prove. Now they are the legit worst team in the league but watch after the all-star break you are going to see them go under more often. Like I said this is because reality is starting to kick in. They know they are not even close to touching the playoffs so with that being said the care is slowly going to swift away from legit winning games.

Information like this only comes from guys who have the time to pay attention you all work hard and don’t have the time to obtain this info. Get involved and let me help out and lets make the best of this NBA Season.