Chris Hodge's Mock 2022 NFL Draft - Taking Vegas



Chris Hodge’s Mock 2022 NFL Draft

By Chris Hodge
April 28, 2022


The NFL Draft in Las Vegas begins tonight with the first round and obviously many people are excited. From a gambling perspective, we do not do much with the Draft however we will give some free predictions here and I will break down what I feel the top 10 Picks will be and for a few teams I will do a “who they should take.” I will also be posting a podcast about this later in the day. So here we go

#1 Jacksonville Jaguars (What else is new)
Who they take: Aidan Hutchinson (Edge)

He is a safe pick but I just cannot get the idea of him being largely ineffective against Georgia in the National Semifinal game out of my mind. However, pass rushers are huge in today’s NFL with all the throwing going on and he was an elite pass rusher for the most part in college.

Who they should take: Evan Neal (O-Line) This is simple to me. Protect Trevor Lawrence

#2 Detroit Lions (Another mainstay in the top 5)
Who they take: Travon Walker ( D-Line)

This is a no brainer to me. If Hutchinson does go #1 then you take Walker because Walker probably is the most talented D-Lineman in the draft with the most upside. He gives the Lions an immediate sack threat and is very good against the run which would be welcomed in that division

#3 Houston Texans (Same Ole / Same Ole)
Who they take: Derek Stingley Jr (CB)

Why… because they are stupid, and I am sorry if that offends Texans fans but it’s the truth. This is overthinking at its finest because Ahmad Gardner is the best Cornerback in the draft, but he played at Cincinnati while Stingley played at LSU and that pedigree is going to trick teams.

Who they should take: Ikem Ekwonu

#4 New York Jets
Who they take: Ikem Ekwonu (O-Lineman)

They celebrate the stupidity of the Texans, and they get a 10 year mainstay on the offensive line because Ekwonu is the best offensive lineman in what is a deep offensive lineman draft. But pairing this guy with Mechi Becton (if he figures it out) gives the Jets two extremely talented offensive lineman to protect Zack Wilson

#5 New York Giants (Watch how they F this up)
Who they take: Charles Cross (O-Lineman)

Why, because they are even dumber than the Texans.  This reminds us of the 2020 draft class when there were 4 exceptional offensive lineman and the Giants screwed it up by not taking Tristan Wirfs and instead going with Andrew Thomas. This is no knock-on Cross but he is not as good as Evan Neal. Cross is a good pass protector, but this team needs to be able to run the ball and Evan Neal gives them the best chance to do that

Who they should take: Evan Neal

#6 Carolina Panthers
Who they take: Evan Neal (O-Line)

They celebrate the stupidity of the NY Giants like the Jets celebrated the stupidity of the Houston Texans. They get a very good offensive lineman from a college that churns out offensive lineman. Neal will be protecting the Carolina QB’s (whoever that ends up being) for the next decade and is a great piece to build a solid offense around.

#7 New York Giants (Watch how they F this up #2)
Who they take: Garret Wilson

Why, because they are even dumber than I thought! Again, this is no knock on Garret Wilson, who is absolutely the best wide receiver in a loaded wide receiver draft class however, I am not sure the Giants have a QB on their roster who can get him the ball. This is going for the “star” as opposed to going for the smart pick which is:

Who they should take: Ahamd Gardner, the best CB in the draft and a guy who you slot right in to take away the other teams best WR

#8 Atlanta Falcons
Who they take: Kayvon Thibodeaux (D-End)

Nothing wrong with this pick as he could be a top 2 pick but has fallen off a little in the draft process. That said, he is a very good player and the Falcons need help with pass rushing because they were dead last in sacks last year with 18 and were a very easy defense to play against

#9 Seattle Seahawks
Who they take: Jermaine Johnson II (D-End)

Another safe pick at this spot and this is the last edge rusher that is worth anything in this draft so passing on him will be a mistake. Forget taking a WR because they do not have a QB that can throw whoever that would be the ball and Seattle already has Metcalf. They need to build a good defense with the loss of Bobby Wagner and Johnson would be a safe, good guy to start with.

#10 New York Jets
Who they take: Drake London (WR)

Because the Giants were stupid and took Garret Wilson (in my mock draft) the Jets are left with Drake London and that is fine. London is a big wide receiver and gives the Jets a guy they haven’t had like that since Keyshawn Johnson (who oddly enough was from USC). If somehow the Giants do what they are supposed to do and take Gardner the Jets will take Garret Wilson here because as I said earlier, he is the best WR in this deep WR draft class.

OK, with that, here are some draft bets with value.

Team to selects Kenny Pickett: New Orleans Saints +200 or Pittsburgh Steelers +250

Over 16.5 Offensive Players taken +110, Kyle Hamilton Draft Position, Over 12.5