Free Pick Breakdown, Odds & Prediction: Bulls vs. Warriors (12/2/2022) - Taking Vegas



Free Pick Breakdown, Odds & Prediction: Bulls vs. Warriors (12/2/2022)

By Logan Market
December 2, 2022
Photo by: Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors Preview and Prediction (12/2/22)

Line: Warriors -6.5, Bulls +6.5
Total: 233.5

Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors Betting Odds Breakdown

The Chicago Bulls and the Golden State Warriors are meeting up on Friday for the first game in their season series.

Golden State is coming into this game as the favorite at -6.5, and the over/under is sitting at 233.5 points.

Chicago Bulls Preview

Chicago has had a rough start to their season, and they need to try to turn it around soon.

This game will not be easy for Chicago. They’re in the middle of a long road trip, which is not easy for any team to play through. For the most part, this Chicago team has not been able to keep up with better teams. Their defense hasn’t been too bad, with them letting up about 112 points per game, which is about in the middle of the pack among the other teams. Their defense hasn’t been too bad, but they just can’t keep up with better teams. And their offense is pretty similar in their rankings among other teams.

Their offense ranks pretty much in the same exact area. Their offensive efficiency is ranked at 18th in the league, and they average about 112 points per game, which is 16th in the league. Once again, they aren’t exactly a bad team, but it’s going to be very difficult for them to keep up with teams like the Golden State Warriors who have a lot of talent on their roster.

Golden State Warriors

Golden State started off a little slow this season, but they have gotten back on the right track for the most part.

They are 7-3 in their last ten games, and they are rightfully the favorite going into this game. Overall, their team is just better than the Chicago Bulls. Their offense seems to be better, and their ranking for the average number of points scored per game for them shows that with them scoring about 117 points per game, which is fifth in the league. Golden State has several good offensive players including Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, and it won’t be easy for Chicago to keep up.

The only positive thing that Chicago has in this matchup seems to be how many points the Warriors let up per game. Their average for points let up is at 117.5, which is 27th in the whole league. But other than some defensive disadvantages, it seems like the Warriors are the better team all around going into this game.

Winner Prediction: Golden State Warriors -6.5

The Bulls are not a terrible team by any means, but it’s difficult seeing them beating the Warriors in this game.

Golden State has looked like the better team so far this year, and you should expect them to get the win over the Chicago Bulls.