Free Pick Breakdown, Odds & Prediction: Celtics vs. Nets (1/12/2023) - Taking Vegas



Free Pick Breakdown, Odds & Prediction: Celtics vs. Nets (1/12/2023)

By TakingVegas Staff Writer
January 12, 2023

Boston Celtics Vs. Brooklyn Nets Preview and Prediction (1/12/23)

Line: Celtics -3.5, Nets +3.5
Total: 227.5

Boston Celtics Vs. Brooklyn Nets Betting Odds Breakdown

The Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets will be meeting up in Brooklyn on Thursday.

The Celtics are coming into this game as the favorite at -3.5, and the over/under is sitting at 227.5 points.

Boston Celtics Preview

Boston is coming into this game as first in the eastern conference, and they’ll be looking to keep it up against a hot Brooklyn Nets team.

This season, the Celtics are an incredible team. They are number one in the whole league in offensive efficiency, and they are even top 10 in the league in defensive efficiency. Their offense is going to have a difficult task in the Brooklyn Nets, which has one of the best defenses in the league. So, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown may need to put in some extra work so they can try to edge out Brooklyn in this game.

Defensively for Boston, they just need to keep Kyrie Irving under control. Brooklyn got the news of Kevin Durant being sidelined for about a whole month this week, so that will help Boston out quite a bit on the defensive side of the ball with how good Durant is. But once again, if Boston’s top 10 defense can keep Kyrie Irving under control, they should have a very good chance at getting a win in this one.

Brooklyn Nets Preview

Brooklyn is one of the hottest teams in the league right now, but it will not be easy to maintain that with Kevin Durant out.

Durant is such a big piece to the Brooklyn Nets team just because Brooklyn doesn’t have too much depth on their team. And with him now out, that gives Kyrie Irving a much heavier workload on top of what he usually has. It won’t be easy for them to adapt with Durant out, especially with them facing a defense that is as good as the defense the Boston Celtics have.

Durant had a very similar injury to this one last year. And because of that injury, Brooklyn’s season turned upside down and they had a very difficult time recovering. But this time, it could be different this time because they actually have Kyrie Irving available to them this time. Kyrie can take over any game very easily, so that could give Boston’s defense a challenge going into this game. However, it won’t be easy whatsoever. Kevin Durant is such a big piece to this team, and it won’t be easy for them to keep performing at a high level without him.

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