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Free Pick Breakdown, Odds & Prediction: Lakers vs. Warriors Series Preview

By TakingVegas Staff Writer
May 2, 2023

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors Series Preview and Prediction

Moneyline: Warriors -164, Lakers +138
Spread: Warriors -1.5, Lakers +1.5

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors Betting Odds Breakdown

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors will be meeting up in round two in the NBA playoffs.

Golden State is coming into this series as the favorite at -1.5, and the moneyline is sitting at -164 and +138 for the Lakers.

Los Angeles Lakers Preview

The Lakers beat the Grizzlies in six games in round one, and they will now have to deal with Stephen Curry and the Warriors.

LeBron James and the Lakers played pretty well against the Grizzlies in round one, and for them, a matchup against the Grizzlies was pretty good for them. The Grizzlies were without Steven Adams, so that immediately gave the Lakers the advantage on the inside with Anthony Davis. LeBron James played very well, with him averaging about 22 points, 11 rebounds, and five assists. In fact, the entire starting lineup for the Lakers ended up playing very well, with four of their five starters averaging at least 15 points per game. But for LA, this series may come down to their defense.

In this series, the Lakers will have to find a way to contain Stephen Curry. Curry is undoubtedly the best player on the Warriors, and he has a track record of being a very good playoff performer. In the playoffs so far, Curry has been averaging about 34 points, five rebounds, and five assists. The Kings didn’t do a great job of guarding him, so we’ll see if the Lakers can do any better. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them put LeBron on Curry for most of this series since he can guard pretty much any position he wants to, so we’ll see what their game plan is against him.

Golden State Warriors Preview

The Warriors were pushed to a game seven against the Sacramento Kings in the first round, and if it wasn’t for Stephen Curry, they may not have made it to round two.

The Warriors dropped the first two games against the Kings in round one, and then they were able to come back and win the next three before dropping game six and then going on to win game seven. This was a very physical series, with Draymond Green even getting suspended after tempers flared in game two. But nonetheless, Stephen Curry stepped up in the biggest game for the Warriors so far in the playoffs in game seven.

In game seven against the Sacramento Kings, Stephen Curry set a game seven record by scoring 50 points. On top of that, he also had eight rebounds and six assists. In what was a very hostile crowd in Sacramento, Curry seemed to be unphased by the fans. The crowd will be a big factor for both teams in this series, and if Curry is able to tune out the fans in Los Angeles, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Warriors make another trip to the western conference finals.

Winner Prediction: Golden State Warriors in Six

The Lakers are a good team, but it doesn’t feel like they will be able to get past Stephen Curry and the Warriors in this series. This should be a very good series, but it looks like the Warriors should be able to make another trip to the western conference finals.