Free Pick Breakdown, Odds & Prediction: Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss (11/24/2022) - Taking Vegas

Free Pick Breakdown, Odds & Prediction: Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss (11/24/2022)

By TakingVegas Staff Writer
November 21, 2022
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Mississippi State Vs. Ole Miss Preview and Prediction (11/24/22)

Line: Ole Miss -4, Mississippi State +4
Total: 59.5

Mississippi State Vs. Ole Miss Betting Odds Breakdown

Mississippi State and Ole Miss will be facing off late in the season on Thanksgiving day.

Ole Miss is coming into this game as the favorite at -4, and the over/under is sitting at 59.5 points.

Mississippi State Preview

Mississippi State is coming into this game at 7-4, and they’ll be trying to get a win over their rival.

Mississippi State played well their last time out, getting a 56-7 victory over Eastern Tennessee State. The biggest story in this game for them was the fantastic performance of Will Rogers. Rogers threw for 301 yards and five touchdowns on 30 passes completed. For his performance to be even more impressive, he only threw seven incomplete passes. He performed really well, and he might be able to give Mississippi State a chance to win against Ole Miss.

On defense, Mississippi State performed really well against Eastern Tennessee State. They held them to just seven points, and Eastern Tennessee State was only able to get 154 yards throughout the entire game. That’s a really good defensive day, and that should be very encouraging for Mississippi State. However, Ole Miss is definitely going to put up more of a fight against Mississippi State than Eastern Tennessee State.

Ole Miss Preview

Ole Miss is coming into this game at 9-2, and they’ll also be trying to get a win over their rival.

Ole Miss has played pretty well this season, with them only losing to Alabama and LSU. Ole Miss has been pretty good against all of the unranked teams they have faced, and they have a chance to keep that up against Mississippi State. Even against Alabama, their offense was almost able to play to the level of Alabama’s offense. Jaxson Dart played well, with him throwing for 212 yards and one touchdown. They were almost able to get the job done, but they fell just short.

The defense of Ole Miss has been pretty shaky at times. There are some days when it’s really good, and then there are days where it’s pretty bad and almost costs them the game. When they played Tulsa, for example, they let up 27 points against them, and they only ended up winning by eight. Tulsa shouldn’t have given Ole Miss that many problems, and they need to clean up their defense against Mississippi State if they want to win.

Winner Prediction: Ole Miss -4

By the end of this game, Ole Miss will probably just simply prove that they are a better team than Mississippi State. Mississippi State isn’t too bad of a team, but Ole Miss should be able to get the win at home on Thanksgiving.