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Free Pick Breakdown Suns v. Grizzlies (4/1/2022)

By TakingVegas Staff Writer
April 1, 2022

Phoenix Suns at Memphis Grizzlies 8pm EST

Line: Phoenix Suns -7.5
Total: 229

The number one Phoenix Suns goes at the number two Memphis grizzlies. Devin Booker ranks 10th in
the league averaging 26 points with Memphis leading the league in offensive rebounds, led by Steven
Adams averaging 4.7 rebounds a night. The Suns are 37-9 against Western Conference opponents. I
mean with those type of stats, clear to say their on the straight path to the finals. The crazy thing about
this whole thing is that the suns are Second in defensive rebounds led by DeAndre Ayton averaging 7.6
rebounds a game. Teams meet for the third time this season tying their series record at 1-1. Grizzlies
Won the last battle by one point. Ja Morant is averaging 27.6 points with 5.7 rebounds followed by 6.7
assist. Desmond Bane is averaging 20.4 points and 4 assist over the past 10 games now.

The Suns we have Cameron Johnson who’s keeping it steady average of 2.7 three-pointers per game
scoring 12.8 points while shooting 44% from three. Bookers is averaging 30.8 points 5.8 assists over the
last 10 games. Now the last 10 games. Grizzlies are 9-1 averaging 123.2 points and 27.9 assist followed
by 9.2 steals and 8.1 blocks while shooting 40% from the field. They’re opponents averaging 108.3
points per game center also 9.1 averaging 123.2 points, 43.1 rebounds 28.4 assists 7.7 steals and 4.6
blocks per game all while shooting 52.9% and their opponents average 113.4 points a night now. This will
not only just be a series tiebreaker, This is a top dog play between number one and number two,
whoever comes out on top should have the most playoff success. The suns will need this game to prove
to themselves they are the real deal. Ja morant and the Grizzlies have never made it passed the first
round. As For The Phoenix suns with Devin booker, that team is a team that runs off of chemistry from
the staff to the players. Devin booker should be spoken about in MVP conversations, at least top 6 .
Here’s why, The suns 3 years ago we’re still pretty much the same team. To me an MVP is one who
broadens his shoulders and takes his team to a winning season all while being consistent and dominant
for the season. Now 2 years ago during that bubble run, they were the only team that won every game in
the play-in and couldn’t break out.

The following year they get a veteran point guard in Chris Paul and now you have a coach on and off the
court. Four-year $120 million contract means Chris Paul will likely be ending his career as a Phoenix Sun
and hitching his ride to the emerging team in an attempt to win that elusive championship ring. The
breakdown of this game in its simplistic form as long as Chris Paul is on the court and healthy, there is no
way the suns lose this game. Devin bookers 25 years old Fresh off a deep playoff run that ended with a
disappointing Game 6 loss to the Bucks, Booker will look to lead the Suns back for another Finals
appearance in 2022. But to do that, he’s going to need his teammates. In 2020-21, Bridges established
himself as a reliable and productive two-way player, displaying imposing defense against opposing
teams’ best players while improving his game 14 points a game 4.4 rebounds 1.2 blocks and 0.5 steals a
game. Great scoring talent mixed great Defensive IQ. One of the top defensive forwards in the league
today to add a splash of veteran experience is Jae crowder. Crowder signed a three-year, $29.2 million
deal with the Suns last offseason and instantly became a fan favorite. A prototypical role player, Crowder
brought value to the young Suns last season with his who has a great nose for the ball, great two way
defender. Now to top off the winning recipe you close out with A young efficient defense talent in
Deandre Ayton. Last year was a maturation process for Ayton, fueled by the experience and
competitiveness of Chris Paul.

Paul and Ayton developed a strong bond throughout the season, executing pick-and-roll which has
proven to be almost unbeatable. Now I don’t know if you guys checked the lineups yet but Phoenix is
about to deliver a beating that’s as hot as the phonix sun itself tonight.

I don’t want to take away from what Memphis has been doing and what they continue to do but when
you break it down even further it’s really just experience and hunger versus hungry and younger but that
doesn’t mean the Memphis grizzlies are not up for the challenge now without Ja Morant in the starting
lineup. They are currently 19-2 which says a lot about a young talent. Now with Ja Morant going to be

reevaluated for knee soreness which is expected to be for 2 weeks. “Guys on our bench could start on
maybe 15, 16, 17 NBA teams,” forward Kyle Anderson said. “It’s not like we have an attitude coming off
the bench or anything. We’re all bought into winning.”That’s good, but scoring isn’t what makes this
bench unit special. Trust, defense and versatility play more prominent roles. Grizzlies coach Taylor
Jenkins uses his bench often, evident by its NBA-leading 98.5 minutes per game. Only four other NBA
teams average more than 95. The second unit leads the NBA in steals (4.6), blocks (2.5), assists (9.8)
and rebounds (20.7). Let’s not forget that the suns made it to the finals last year!

1* Free Pick: Phoenix -7.5