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MLB Futures Bet & What You Need To Know

By TakingVegas Staff Writer
July 13, 2022




We’ll start in the National League (Tomorrow we will do the American League) with the Mets who are currently at 6 to 1 odds to win the World Series and that is only behind the Dodgers in the NL who are listed at 4 to 1. Currently, the Mets have a 1.5-game lead over the defending Champion Atlanta Braves and while winning the NL East will make the road easier for the Mets, they will be a dangerous team in the playoffs regardless of where they end up.

And, unless they completely fall apart, they will be playing once October rolls around. As of July 13th, they have a 99% chance to make the playoffs. They have a 12.7% chance to win the World Series and they have played a good portion of this season without their #1 and their #2 starters.

They are getting Jacob deGrom back after the All-Star Break. Max Scherzer has looked phenomenal since his return from the injured list and Chriss Bassitt has been a solid starter for them as well this season. If you have him as a #3, you are in solid shape.

But let’s face facts. If the Mets run out deGrom in Game 1 of any series and then Max Scherzer in Game 2, or vice-versa, no team on earth will want to see that. Plus, the Mets bullpen has been very good this season and they have the 4th best lineup, in terms of batting average, in the league and the 2nd best team batting average in NL.

At 6 to 1, the Mets present good value here and are well worth a wager. Tomorrow we will write up our American League pick and no, it is not the Yankees so the people in New York can forget about Subway World Series #2. Check back Thursday