NFL Division Winners Part 6 - AFC East - Taking Vegas



NFL Division Winners Part 6 – AFC East

By TakingVegas Staff Writer
August 17, 2022

Part 6 of our 11 Part Series and today we focus on the AFC EAST.


Buffalo -250
Miami +400
New England +500
NY Jets +2000

We do believe this division will be more competitive than many people are projecting however, when all the smoke clears, we feel the favorite will get the job done and that is the Buffalo Bills.

They have serious Super Bowl aspirations this season and even though Miami made some solid improvements, we just feel the talent gap between Buffalo and Miami / New England is just too wide.

Buffalo has the best quarterback in the division by far, along with a defense that was #1 in the league last season. They have an emerging star at the wide receiver position in Gabriel Davis and pairing him with Stefon Diggs gives Josh Allen some serious talent to work with.

When looking at their schedule, they do have some tough games, starting with the season opener on the road in LA against the defending champs. Kansas City and Green Bay are also on the schedule along with Cincinnati and Baltimore. They do catch some weaker teams though like Tennessee, Detroit, Chicago, and the NY Jets twice.

That said, this Buffalo team has played some good football over the past 2 seasons, and they are used to playing well coached teams. In basically every game they play this year, they will be favored. They are the favorite in week 1 on the road against the Rams (-2.5) and if they are favored in that spot, there aren’t too many spots they will be dogs in (barring injuries.

The reason we do believe this division will be competitive though is because of the improvements Miami has made however, it won’t be enough to overcome the talent that Buffalo has.

-250 isn’t overly steep and should be a solid winner with Buffalo to win the AFC East.