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NFL MVP Future Odds & Breakdown

By TakingVegas Staff Writer
August 25, 2023

With the NFL season getting ready to kick off, placing a bet for the 2023 NFL MVP could look a little daunting. Today, we are looking at the four top contenders and discussing if they have a chance to win the award this season or if it is a bad bet. Without further ado, let’s take a dive into the odds for the top players. 

Patrick Mahomes (+650)

Patrick Mahomes is currently the favorite to win his third NFL MVP Award this season. The offense is going to look a little different as Matt Nagy is the new offensive coordinator in th biggest change. However, it is still Mahomes we are talking about here and he should dominate throughout the season. With similar weapons last season, he had a 6.3 touchdown percentage and a 77.6 QBR, which both led the sport. 

As long as Mahomes avoids injury and the voters avoid Mahomes fatigue, he should be a safe bet.   

Joe Burrow (+750)

Joe Burrow suffered a calf strain during preseason workouts but signs are suggesting he is going to be good to go in Week 1. He has not really had many full preseasons so that is not really a huge cause for concern here. The offense is essentially the same 11 on the field this year and he finished fourth for the award last season. He is going to have the three-headed monster of Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd out wide and tight end Irv Smith Jr to throw the ball to. 

While I do not project for him to be a 5,000-yard passer this season or hit the 40 passing touchdown mark, if it’s not Mahomes it should be Burrow winning the award. 

Josh Allen (+850)

Josh Allen has a lot of things going against him in my book to contend for the 2023 NFL MVP Award. He finished third for the award last season but his interception numbers were too high. He threw 14 interceptions and 13 fumbles in 16 games. That needs to really decrease here. 

It sounds like the Bills want him to not be the primary runner for this team and be more of a pocket guy. With the rumors about wide receiver Stefon Diggs being unhappy in Buffalo and a decent at-best running game, it will be difficult to imagine him getting the numbers he would need. With the AFC East being as loaded, it’s possible he is not even the best quarterback in his division, let alone the sport. 

Jalen Hurts (+1100)

Jalen Hurts is interesting to dive into. He led the Eagles to the Super Bowl last season in a losing effort. Even with new offensive coordinator Brian Johnson, Hurts is going to run the football but it seems like that will be taken down a bit. A lot of the designed runs are going to be to running back D’Andre Swift instead. However, he did have a shot to win the award last year before being injured down the stretch. 

I would wait a week or two to see the offensive changes but it definitely would be interesting with the ability to QB sneak for yards and have 5,000+ all-purpose yards.